Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting dirty in the garden is exercise!!!!

Hey Junkies,

Now don't laugh at me here but working in your garden is a great form of exercise, everyone should have one in there yard. Its a great way to just get away from it all.. do something productive and get your sweat on!! :p

Now just as you do when you workout you have to watch your form. Believe it or not I have had more then a few people come out to my training and say they hurt themselves well hoeing the garden. Its a forceful movement and you have to keep that back straight...

Ok no worries I am not going to start posting crazy garden videos I just thought I'd share the fact that this is a great exercise and if you don't have a garden or you do and you are neglecting it..get your butt out there and work it!!!

WEll I am off to kick some A$$ in the park ..I'll try to sneak some video footage of what I'm putting these Junkies through today. :p

Have a great day !!!

Team AxFit

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