Monday, June 11, 2012

Unleashed Golf Course Workout

We kicked it up last week in Adrenaline UnLeashed at the old Lakewood Golf course. What a riot it was and everyone who came out killed it right to the end! Way to go guys .. I love training these classes and i am super excited about this weeks!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to Adrenaline Extreme Fitness, if you bought the Groupon today thank you so much , we are excited to have you apart of the Adrenaline Junkies team.  We have a lot of great things happening this spring/summer season that will kick up everyones fitness levels and reach all our goals that we set.

So for everyone who bought the Groupon and all existing Junkies.. the next Adrenaline session starts Monday April 30th at Suicide Hill (Kiwanis Park)
See this link for a map to Suicide Hill -->

 The Groupon is good for all classes and all locations. (ex: Stroller-fit, Kids-fit, Crush, and so on)

We look forward to meeting you all have a great week and see you soon.

Team AxFit

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Core Training 20-10-10

hey Adrenaline Junkies!!!

Todays workout is a new one for ya. It's all core and upper body!! My heart rate was going by the end of it and my arms were burning like crazy but it felt so great. So try it out and use modifications if you have to and push through it!!!

Team AxFit

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Core Pyramid

Hey Adrenaline Junkies!!!

HOpe everyone is having an amazing weekend and ready for a new week. Set a new small goal for this week tonight.. put it on your fridge and focus!! BE PROUD.. ok lets make those new years resolutions happen!!! Im here for you.. send me your food journals.. ask me questions..whatever!!

Ok so todays workout is a pyramid.. one of my favourite ways to train my core!! Follow with me and feel the burn.. push through every set don't give up!!!

Team AxFit

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Body Blast 10 - Full Body & Core

Hey Junkies,

It's the second week of the New Year!!! I am feeling amazing.. and pushing out my workouts everyday. I feel strong and excited to help you guys stay on top of your goals!! Send me an email with one of your goals and I will hold you agains it for some accountability! :D

Todays workout was great.. I feel nice and tight from it and confident for my day! I don't know about you but after i get a good workout in.. it just lifts my spirits in every way for the rest of the day! Try this one out with me.. feel the burn and push through.. never giving up!!!

Team AxFit

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Core training for a flat stomach

hey Adrenaline Junkies,


I am excited about 2012 and I hope you are too... we will be doing a lot of new things and I am ready and motivated to help you along the way.

Todays work out is under 13 mins and its all core training. starting out with some 4x4 drills then ab drills then into some glute exercises and finishing with supermans to strengthen our backs!!

Enjoy the workout and let me know how you did!!!

Team AxFit

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adrenaline Christmas Baby!!

Hey Adrenaline Junkies!!

I wanted to share our Christmas class with you! We had a great time.. yes a lot of people but it was for a great cause. We collected a truck full of canned goods and food for the Down Town mission. They were so happy to have it all!!!

Thank you so much for coming out and joining us for this Christmas class & Bash!!

Team AxFit

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All about the Booty!!!

hey Junkies..

Kick this Butt workout up with me.. its good for both men and women!! My buns are burning after this and I know I will feel it tomorrow!

Get right though all the sets with no rest.. really push out every rep and focus on those glutes !

Team AxFit

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Core Pyramid

Hey Junkies,

Todays workout is a quick one.. a core pyramid that is under 7 mins and your core will feel great and love you afterwards.... push through right to the end with no breaks!!

Team AxFit

November Shout out!!!

Hey Junkies!!!

Just a little Shout out!!!


Team AxFit

Monday, November 14, 2011

Adrenaline Indoors!!! Bootcamp

Amazing work Junkies!!!

Talk about inspirational... you guys come out every class and push everything you got. I cannot believe how blessed I am to have you all to train! The drive and motivation in you all is something else and I hope you are very proud of yourselves!!!

Team AxFit

Friday, November 11, 2011

A little upper body!!

Hey Junkies!!!

Todays workout is a little upper body blast... its not to intense.. so something you can do on an off day for maintenance. Kick this one us with me all you need is a set of weights... and by adding that cardio blasts in between each set keeps your heart rate up!!

Team AxFit

Thursday, November 10, 2011


hey Junkies... this video is for you!!!

Try it out with me.. I feel amazing form it!! Remember you can modify some of the drills if they are too hard.. ok but don't quit!!!

Im off to kick some butt at class... but will be back tomorrow to kick up a killer upper body workout!!

Team AXFit

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sexy Leg workout

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

I am so excited to be back at it!! Im feeling great and really pumped to get these workout videos flowing again. So lets get motivated together and kick it up with me right in your own home or gym. Todays workout was awesome.. I felt great after and my legs feel strong and tight. Theres no reason to have to do an hour to two workout everyday... you can be fast and efficient if you do it right!!!

Now for any beginners you can do this same workout just don't do the power squats or lunges.. just do a regular squat and lung. For the cardio parts you can march on spot.

Set some goals Junkies... write them down and I will help you reach them. Send me an email if you want some support or have any questions!!!

Have an excellent day!!!

Team AxFit

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey Adrenaline junkies,

So Its almost the end of October I cannot believe how fast this year is going!!! We have had such an incredible year at Adrenaline, everyone has been working so hard and pushing their limits in every class and with the online videos .  I am so proud and honoured to have you all apart of it.

I want to say that I am sorry that I have not been putting up any new workout videos lately... it was a busy end to the summer for me and I am now moving. So I have my new place on November 1st and I am so excited to get in there and start creating videos for you again!!! My goal is to have 2-4 a week for you to do along with me!!!

So for the next week or so continue doing the ones that are on my youtube Channel!!! I love the body blast ones... I find they work your whole body and get your heart rate going in little time.

Anyways.. have a great week Junkies and I am looking forward to getting settled in my new home!!!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Core Combo- Pushups/ Abs


Ok thanksgiving is over..everyone ate and drank way too much and now its time to kick it up.

Try this one with me its all core and pushup drills that will make you feel amazing after. I just did it and my body feels great, my arms feel pumped and my core tight!


Team AxFit

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pushup Challenge

Hey Junkies.

Its been a few weeks since we did this challenge so i want you to do it again and see how you have improved!!! This will help you see how you are improving.

Whats you number?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock Hard Core workout

Hey AxFit Junkies,

join me for this 10 min core workout! Its fast and i felt great after.. really pumps your arms up , makes your lower back and abs feel tight and great for the day.

Have a great day guys and do something for someone else today.. even if its just something real small.. pay it forward!!

Team AxFit
Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

Because of the rain ALL day long our 6pm class will be moved indoors to The WFCU Gymnasium so come join us there. We are going to kick is up hard in there tonight...lots of core!!

So if you are new to Adrenaline then park and go in the Community Centre Doors and the gym is straight ahead. Its great in there, lots of space !!!

So see you at 6 and let your friends know!!


Team AxFit

Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 hour Adrenaline Bootcamp

hey Junkies,

hope everyones having a great weekend!!! I want to share with you are video from out 3 hour Bootcamp we had this weekend. It was so much fun and everyone worked so hard and pushed through every drill. We even had one group of kids join us the Lalonde family and boy were they small but mighty. I am so proud of them and everyone else who joined us... what great fun it was !!!

Josh Poole was the winner of the whole bootcamp and he kicked some serious butt all morning... with everyone else not far behind!!

I plan on organizing a winter bootcamp in the snow, I think it would be very challenging and a tone of fun!!!

Have a great day Junkies and see you this week!!!!

Team AxFit

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Under 20 Full Body Blast

Hey Junkies,

I want to apologize thats its been over a week since I posted a new workout video, just wrapping up the summer here and Adrenaline has been very busy!! So we are back at it and I hope you have maintained your drive and motivation too!!!

So this workout today is a full body blast that you can do with little space and no equipment. You will feel this in your whole body and your heart rate will be going from start to finish. So join me through this workout and push out every rep.

Ok have a great day Junkies and I will see you all tomorrow!!!

Team AxFit