Sunday, February 27, 2011

New things..

Hi guys,

We are very excited for our outdoor season, we have some exciting things planned for the spring and we are going to have an amazing season outdoors and online.  The new AXFIT site is something we have been excited about and planning for quit some time. This site will be a fun, interactive place that you can leave comments, ask questions, suggestions, learn new things and feel a positive vibe from it that will bring out the best in you.  Our goal is to post a video and blog everyday filled with workouts, injury prevention, healthy nutritional recipes and tips, Adrenaline challenges and contest.  We also want to visit and interview local companies that our in the health & wellness industries.  IF there is anyting you would like to see on this site please let us know.

A few announcements:

-We will be running an Adrenaline Kids Conditioning program starting in April, 2 nights a week after school.  During the summer months it will be offered 3 mornings a week.  This program will be hard, focusing on conditioning these kids for their sport.  Our training will focus from their core outwards through cardio, plyos, speed & power drills, start/stop exercises, body weight training, injury prevention and much more.  45 minutes of intense training will follow with 15 minutes of a fun organized game or sport. ex; baseball, Frisbee-tag, soccer. 

- We would like to also start an Adrenaline for teens.  A program that will challenge these kids to try new things, work together to win challenges and motivate one another to finish exercises.  Our youth need something positive and fun to go too during the summer months, that will teach them the importance of their health and how to help prevent diseases and injuries for their future.  If this is something that you or your teen would be interested in please leave a comment below so we will know if there is a demand for it!!

Thanks for visiting and have an excellent day!!


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