Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Water Works Wonders

Water. Why haven't you had your 8 glasses today? Don't lie, I know you didn't. And if by some chance you did you probably forced it down and felt bloated most of the day, and made 45 trips to the bathroom. Sound familiar?

Fact is most of us do NOT get close to enough water, yet go out of our way to get a coffee in the morning, or get a pop from some machine at lunch. And the water we do get our body doesn't know what to do with so it runs through us and we head straight to the men's/women's room.

Have your coffee in the morning, but make sure through the day to slowly consume your daily minimum of water. Don't gulp a bottle down all at once, but sip on it, constantly, throughout the day. This will help you avoid that bloated feeling, and it gives your kidneys time to process it properly and filter it through your body's many functions that require water to run smoothly. Carry a bottle with you, ALWAYS, when its empty, fill it up and start over. Keep count on the lid with a mark every time you finish it.

After a week, your body will appreciate the extra hydration, that bloated feeling will be gone. The path you wore out to the washroom won't be travelled as much. And, you will start to crave more. We have gotten to a point where most of us are just chronically dehydrated, we accept the minor headaches, live with the sore backs and joints, and cope with sicknesses and stomach irritation. This doesn't need to be. take ownership of your body, if your reading this you are interested in helping your body, and being healthy. It's a simple, cheap, and easy step to take, but perhaps the most important on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Your body with out water is like your car with little or no oil. You may get by in the short term but you will not achieve any high performance physical goals, and there will be a lot more resistance in your day to day tasks. Get in control of your body by Getting properly hydrated.

Stay thirsty my friends,

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