Tuesday, March 22, 2011

200 rep Ab Workout

200 rep. Ab workout

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

We posted this ab workout for you too do... This takes 5 mins out of your day and can be done just before you hop in the shower. Hey you can even get up 5-10 mins earlier then you normally do get this routine down before you even start your day. Its a great way to get up and go .. physically, mentally ... and its just a positive thing and will give your core that strength for your daily functions. Joe and I do abs everyday and I am always keeping my core tight throughout the day, always being a ware of it and my posture. Flexing your core lightly and sitting/standing tall is a great practice and definitely good for your body and your physical appeal. I noticed when I started doing abs everyday that I was way more in tune with my core and the way I carried myself. Try it, see if you can keep core tight...just make sure to keep breathing and not to have a silly look on your face all day. lol

Have a great day guys and see you tomorrow.

Team Axfit

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