Monday, April 4, 2011

Ash Attack - no gain

Hey AxFit Junkies,

SO Its Monday and your feeling a little blaa from the weekend and that is normal.. especially when its rainy and cold out!! Well I think you know what i going to say next... lol , "GET UP AND GET MOVING!!!" Exercise is proven to lift your spirits, give you more energy for your day and build your confidence. So if you ask me its a great reason to get up just a few minutes earlier and hit up one of these workouts. They take 15 mins. to get through and if you only have time to get through 1 set, than even that alone will get your body moving and blood flowing.
We will be posting a video this week thats all over the "BOSU" and also a beginners workout for those of you that may be new to Adrenaline!!!

Have a excellent Monday AxFit Junkies, be proud and stay motivated!!

Workout breakdown:  
   30sec. on 10 sec. off       --> aim for 3 sets at least.
- Side sprints
- 3 in 1 power squats
- pushup walkups w Power squat
- Pyramid: supermans/plank suicides/plank drops

Team AxFit

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