Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's all about the Shoudler's

Hey AxFit Junkies,

It's all about the shoulders today!!! I love training my shoulders and feel that when you have a strong shoulder you will have a good strong base for your bi's and tri's too! Toned arms can not be obtained if you only focus on those bi's and tri's so this workout today will help strengthen and sculpt all the muscles in your shoulders. Now its also great to do some heavy shoulder presses too if you have the equipment to do so, and we will post a video on that soon.

So try this workout and feel the burn. I train my shoulders 2 times a week and thats not counting all the plank,core and plyos we do that involves shoulders as well.

have a great day Junkies and see you all tomorrow.

Team Axfit

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