Monday, April 25, 2011

Oblique Ab workout

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

happy Easter Monday! Today's workout is all core, Obliques actually, this is an area people always ask me to workout on I dedicated todays workout to you!!!

Now working our obliques out this way is good and can help with burning calories and tonning up your core area..but it also takes a lot of cardio, healthy eating and a combination of many other exercises. All these body blast we do and even the leg workouts will help this problem area as well. When we work out legs and glutes we can burn a tone of calories since they are the biggest muscles. However it is great to work our core this way and to keep things changing and shocking our bodies and muscles each day.

So try this one out.. push out every rep and then do it 2 more times.

15reps of each exercises

- Leg twist
- Wind wipers
- Side V-Situps
- Side V-pulse
- Side Plank hip raises
- Side Plank twist
Other Side
- Heel touches
- Rolls
- Rolls & tuck

Enjoy your beautiful day,

Team AxFit


  1. Its fun to workout at home I like it but my husband prefers the gym I think I can dance around and act silly and no one watches and I sweat and buirn calories and I even do some funny ab moves that crunch my core I like it but men like the gym more I think because of abdominal exercise machines.

  2. Hey Hann,
    Thanks for your comments..however I have a tone of men that love these type of exercises too.. But great way to spam my site for your own business with your comments.. Are you planning on doing this every other day? as you have been?

    Its not good business and looked down upon in social suggestions are to not do this too people its rude and bad karma!!
    Good luck.