Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Adrenaline Junkies!!!

Here is a "how to" warm up video, now of course you can get creative and do your own thing, but I thought I'd share with you how I warm up before I workout!!! If you have a treadmill you can always use that..start with a walk...and then slowly increase the speed. Then get off and do a few dynamic stretches, even some plank and pushups can be a good way to warm up too. It all depends on how extreme your workout is.

Its also important to stay hydrated and always have water around your.

After I workout I always have a post workout shake. I love my magic bullet!! Now if it's weight you are trying to lose if you decide to have a shake you want to make it low cal but filled with all sorts of great nutrients. For body builders they need something packed with a lot of protein and a fair amount of calories too.

Here is my favourite shake recipe I use 8 out of 10 times.

1/2 cup skim milk
Lots of Berries
1/2 banana (eat other half)
Scoop of Chi Pro (Amazing super food)
Scoop of Skim milk powder (high protein, low calories and no fillers like in protein powder)
1 tsp of Nutella or Peanut butter ( i chocolate)

Hey, if your not a big fan of eating fruit, shakes are a great way to get them into your diet!!!


Team AxFit

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