Monday, May 23, 2011

Core Hillside Drills

Hey AxFit Junkies.

Happy Victorias Day!!! So today is your lucky you get both Joe and I in our workout, we are kicking it up outside here on a hillside doing some core training.

These 4.point type drills are a great way to work your core in a longated way so that you can see the definition when you are standing tall. My shoulders were burning throughout this I guess it didn't help that we had to do it twice cause the first time I forgot to push play..hahah.. Ok so if you have any wrist issues I would not suggest doing this workout on the hillside, you can try it out on a flat surface to see if that works for you.

Adding interval training into your daily run is a great way to shock your body and will keep you burning calories hours after your workout.

Have an excellent's a new week set some new goals!!

Team AxFit

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