Friday, May 6, 2011

Core workout

Hello AxFit Junkies,

Its Thursday and another week has flown by, I hope you all fit some great workouts into your week and are feeling great from it!

Today's video is all about the core, push yourself through each set and don't stop until you hear that timer beep. This workout can be done alone 2-3 times through or you can add it into an upper body day or even a lower body day.

30 on/ 5 off
- Plank hold
- Plank suicides
- Right side planks
- Left side planks
- Plank walkups
- 4 point hops
- Plank side walks
- Pushups
- Supermans
- Plank hold

Enjoy this workout today and let me know how you did!!!

Team AxFit.

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