Thursday, May 26, 2011

Intense Bench Workout

Hey Junkies,

I hope everyones week is going great, we have had a tone of rain here in the Windsor area but we can't complain because its better then a dry spell. :D

Ok todays workout is awesome.. I love this workout it is very intense, your heart rate will be up to whole time and it will burn a lot of calories. You can do this type of training just about anywhere.. in your yard on a step, a plyo box, a bench at home or the gym.

So like I mentioned this video you can combine this workout into your run.. stop at a local park hit up the benches and crank this one out.. then finish your run. When you get home through on one of my ab videos and voila !!! A killer workout.. with some interval training that will keep you burning calories for hours after your workout!!!

Have a great day.

Team AxFit

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