Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Butt Burner

Good morning AxFit Junkies,

It's hump day lets work those glutes to the max!! I love this workout as I love most workouts...but this one really burns.. its insane how this drill never gets old and you will always find it to be challenging. I have had excellent results on myself and many members from this exact workout and it can be done right at home too. For people who don't like to do cardio or really work up a big sweat this workout is for you, cause you will feel this one within a few reps and even the next day.

Try this one out Junkies...and if you have done it with me before in class..great you know exactly what your doing so you can kick it up and push yourself...and try to get that butt up higher then ever!!!

Have a great day,

Team AxFit

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