Thursday, August 18, 2011

Windsor Spitfires - end of summer training

Hey Junkies,

Here another great outdoor workout. I set up a big circle with pylons so its like a big track, then at each pylon you stop and do the drill. Like sprinting the track with 5 pushups at each pylon, or 5 power squats etc.

This workout is a great way to work your whole body out and those abs on the hill side are intense and you will feel it for days!!!

Try some of this training out next time your at the park, get your kids , friends family involved with you.

have a great day junkies

Team AxFit


  1. Abdominal exercise that work all the abdominal muscles. The secret to faster results is to trick your muscles into working harder inside your body when your workout feels simpler.

  2. Montanna... are you really spamming my blog again with your advertisements ?