Monday, March 28, 2011

Plank Plyo

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

So todays workout is my favourite way to exercises as i do state a few times in this I am a big fan for core and plank drills and have had the best results in the definition in my stomach and arms from these workouts. Now it is a big head game when you are doing the plank drills..your body/head wants to drop its knees and rest but you just have to push through and just focus. Set that timer and keep it close it will help you get through it trust me. What I will do is watch the timer and at every 30 sec I change the plank drill and before you know it... its been 5 mins. Then you can work towards 8 mins. ..then 10 mins. :D

You have to keep your body straight.. core tight.. shoulders over elbows. Its very important that you are not letting your core drop towards the ground, you can hurt your lower back. If you are not quite ready for all this on your toes then please drop your knees and do it that way and slowly work your way to doing these drills with know knees. Even if its every other exercises.

Now I did a voice over for this video because there was some construction going on the roof.. so the banging noise would have drove you However I think the voice over works well cause I can give the information more clear to you and i can just focus on training hard. Let me know your thoughts on this.. and what you like best. You can comment on all these videos right below this post. :)

Have an excellent day AxFit Junkeis and keep pushing yourself.. This is YOUR time!!!

Team AxFit

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