Saturday, March 26, 2011

A twist on things..

A Twist on Things.

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

todays post is ways to add a twist on things in the gym. Now These are advanced drills so please start with light weight and work your way up slowly. As for the Bosu if you have never been on one or never on 1 leg, please try it without the weight first so you can get the hang of it. I always say "don't be a super hero" ... meaning in fitness it is very easy to get hurt..and the injuries can be long term or even stay with you for life... so take it slow and pace yourself .

These exercises can be done at home if you have dumbbells even the shoulder blast one with the big plate, you can use a dumbbell just hold both ends of the weights and rotate it as Joe did. Even the cable exercise you can squat and row some dumbbells or pull on bands in the same forum.

If you have any questions or comments please ask.

Train hard baby...

Team AxFit

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