Friday, April 1, 2011

AxFit with Robbie

Hey Adrenaline junkies,

Check out these extreme exercises, they are advanced so please start off slow and modify it if you have to. This workout today with Robbie is all core related but please make sure you warm up before starting these drills.

Ok so lets stay motivated and on track, I am hearing some amazing comments and I love that these videos and post are helping you reach your fitness goals. I live for this stuff and am so thankful for everyone who is joining me!!! <3

Workout break-down
30 sec ON 10 sec OFF:

Do each exercise and then rotate to the next one, do the whole complete set 3 times through. :D

- 4.point Jumps
- 4.point wall walkups
- 1 leg squat/tucks
- 1 leg burpies

Have a great day see you all tomorrow,

Team AxFit

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