Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bosu Ball

Adrenaline Junkies!!!!

I hope you are all doing great today and having an awesome week of training! I know I am and I feel amazing today!! I love working out and for those of you that say its boring, you just have to keep it fun and change things up. Try new things, go outside of your box a little. That's what this blog is all about, I want to share with the world all the great things you can do to keep your training fun!! Our muscles need the confusion and love when we change things up on them.

So today's video is filled with a bunch of exercises you can do on a Bosu ball. The Bosu is such an amazing tool that can give you all together different results and help with your balance and flexibility. It will feel very tricky at first and you might even feel nervous about it but you have to try new things and challenge yourself!!! For first timers get on it next to something you can hold on too and just get use to the feel of it. AS you become more comfortable with it then find an open space and work it, when I say open space its because incase you do tumble off you are not going to wack your head on

We will be posting many videos using the Bosu so start with this one and try these drills out and see how you do. Myself I often carry the Bosu around with me at the gym, after pushing a set out on a machine I will jump on the Bosu and kick it up. Alternating form one to the other and by working those Bosu cardio drills it will get your heart rate going in between sets, creating faster results for your body.

Have fun with it and get creative!!

Team AxFit

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