Thursday, April 7, 2011

This life is not a practice run!!!

So people ask me all the time... "Danielle, how do you stay motivated? can you workout everyday?"... "I just don't have time.!!"

You know what I say... ?... "I love the feeling after my workouts.. I feel proud... my body is thankful and I am confident.  All these things no one can take from me!!"  " It is feelings I made and built in me and it gives me the strength to take on my day and be the best forum of myself for anything that will come my way!!!"  "And really.. even 5-10 mins of exercise is helpful and rewarding..who doesn't have 5-10 mins a day for that?"

You know what... I am so thankful that I have a body that is healthy and strong enough to do what I want it too and that this miracle of life has given me the resources to push my limits and challenge myself to go just a little harder then I did the day before!!!  I think of the people in this world that have disabilities or who are sick and cannot do what I can do.  It would just really be pathetic and unfair to just waste that.

What I don't understand is how people out there cannot be motivated and not want to exercise their bodies and hearts just a little everyday!!! I don't get it at all.  Everyone expects so much... out of their jobs.. friend's... spouses, well what about having expectations on yourself??  You can't forget about that, you can't just put your time for exercise on the back burner and say you will do it later..or you don't have time cause your too busy.  Because well your too busy with other things... and leaving your health sitting  on the back burner in your life... your body is aging.. and at risk for all sorts of diseases and your heart is dying to get it's pump on.  Then one day it will be too late.. and you will say "I should have used that gym membership I pay for..or that treadmill that all my clothes are hanging on!"  So what are you waiting for?  Really? please tell me..leave your excuse in the comment section...

 I can tell you one thing.. something that has been proven to me in my life... When you make time for yourself..for the body you were given, great things come back to you in so many ways.  Not only because you are putting the positive in your life, and being thankful for it..but you are shining it out of you..and into all the people around you!!!

Ok,.. yes it can be frustrating when you aren't seeing those results as fast as you want.. or you were sick or had something bad happen in your life and it put a tilt on things..and you fell off track. So you put back on some weight or lost some muscle mass...guess what..?  THAT IS LIFE!!! It's how you get back on it..and how you push back through it.. that is what is so awesome and what should make you so proud ! As long as you are exercising and working that heart out and every other single fragment of your body.. it is saying Thank you.. and it will return the favour to you just when you need it the most!!!

So stay motivated...or get motivated because this is "YOUR TIME"!!!  This life is NOT a practice run...this is it baby.. one time through this game, so stop giving an excuse and start setting expectations and goals for yourself. might just like it!!



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