Friday, April 8, 2011

Check your form!!

Hey AxFit Junkies,

Today's post is a "how to" video; covering the Squat, Lunge and push up.

This is very important to watch and then practice. Even if you feel that you have good form it is always good to get in a mirror and turn to your side and do a squat and a lunge and see.. are you doing it right? To all my Adrenaline members..a lot of you are still doing this wrong.. I understand that it's an intense class and you do get tired so losing you forum can happen.. just please always be aware of it and focus. By doing it wrong repeatedly over time will cause major problems in your knees, back or even neck. So.. 'check yo self before you wreck yourself!!!' :D

Back and head straight butt out...belly button and nose facing in front of you and knees never going over your toes!!! *Remember in ALL exercises you always want your head straight in line with your vertebrae.

Safe & proper training folks is number one!!!!

Team AxFit

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