Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

I want to say that I am so impressed with so many people and the amount of time and energy you's are putting into every workout is amazing .  I hope you are very proud of yourselves and confident too.  Adrenaline is a very intense style of training that can be very difficult for new people to stay on track with, but I will tell you after just a few workouts your body and endurance will enhance and you will feel the difference in your body and strength in no time and start to love it and want more!!! 

Dedication can be very tough for some people.. either something from their past holds them back or just not having the right mind set.  You will not get it from anyone..or has to come from with in YOU and be proud.  I believe in you and I am here for you but you have to want it and get serious about it.  THIS IS YOUR TIME !!! 

I have posted below some tips on staying dedicated to your training and fitness goals!!!

ded·i·ca·tion :  
The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

Here's a few tips to help you stay dedicated in reaching your fitness goals. No matter what they are!!

1.) Write down your goals if they are short term or long or both. I find sticking them up somewhere that you will see them often is a great way to stay on track, so maybe on your fridge, mirror, in car..whatever works for you.  

2.) Take a before picture and I mean in your bathing suit.. everyone wants to look good in their bathing suits so get it on and have someone take your picture.  Print the picture off and keep it up in your room and use this to help motivate you and help you see your progression. Then again in 4-6 week take it again and then do that again..every 4-6-8 weeks you are taking a picture. This will give you some motivation... I promise.

3.) Send me a letter saying what your goal is and how you are going to dedicated yourself to it.  Not everyone has someone to help motivate them in life, so I am more then happy to help anyone.  You need support and I can give that.  Think of it as a contract with me and you are giving me your word that you are going to dedicate yourself to this goal.

4.) Start a food log, writing down everything you eat and drink.  

5.) Get a workout buddy.  Someone that you can both share your feelings with, motivate each other and kick it up hard in your training...a little competitiveness is always a great way to stay dedicated. Set up a challenge amongst yourselves or with your co-workers.

6.) Become an Adrenaline Junkie, and commit to doing at least 3 Adrenaline workers a week either in my bootcamps or online training!!!

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  1. Those are great tips Danielle...I find most of those work for sure!!!
    I def need to put a picture of me in a bathing suit all over my would keep my mouth shut!!! hahaha