Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Put some weight into it " - Weighted Plank, Core, 6 pack Abs

Hey Junkies!!

So Heres our workout for the day. On spot core interval training 40sec. on 10 sec. off. Push through this one hard.. don't give up and you will feel incredible after!!! Beginners you can do this whole workout on your knees and with very light weight or no weight. Advanced Junkies, though a weighted vest on if you have one or use some heavier weights and take the 10 sec. rest out of it.

I have some great workouts planed for you all this week and We are starting a new challenge in my bootcamp classes but I will also be posting a little online challenge for all my members that are not in this area... don't worry Im not leaving you guys out of the loop.
So Hope your ready to kick it up in both physical and nutritional aspects of your life. :D
   Workout Breakdown:
 Timer set for 40sec. On / 10 sec. off  for 10 rounds
1) Plank hold
2) Tricep kick back (left & right)
3) Side plank with full front raises (Squeeze lats together , left & right side)
4) Plank punches
5) Side plank with full lateral movements (left & right)
6) Plank hold
7) Plank suicides (up and down)

Multiple abdominal exercises with weights
- crunches, stars, sit ups with shoulder press, scissors, bicycle.

Have a great day.

Team AxFit


  1. WOW this is so great. i've been super lazy all week and after doing this it really woke me up and I feel great!
    Almost as good as going to your classes

  2. Hello Adrenaline Extreme Fitness!
    Thank you so much for your fantastic workouts!
    If there would be a NOBEL PRIZE for workouts and fitness, I would give it to you!
    Especially for this workout!
    THE Alexander from Germany :-)