Monday, April 11, 2011

How do you feel?

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

I have  a question for you?  How do you feel when you get that 6-8 cups of water a day?  I know for some of you it was really hard at first and your body went through a few changes because it wasn't use to it but after the first week..How did you feel?

Now that you have been doing it for 3 weeks is it something that you are going to maintain?

Now for those of you who do not live in the Windsor area or aren't involved in my Adrenaline classes but are following are AxFit blog and videos I want to challenge you to the following:
(Class can do this too..why not??)

For the next 3 weeks :

1) Drink 8 cups of water a day (equals 5.5 water bottles)
2) Do a minimum of 3 Adrenaline workout videos each week
3) keep a food log so you can see how you are eating!!
     (if you type it you can email it to me and I will review and let you know my thoughts)

After the 3 May 2nd-4th I want you to let me know how you did... and how you feel!!!

Have a great nights sleep everyone...remember sleep is also a big part of the whole balance for creating a healthy don't deprive your active body from it!!!  :D

Team AxFit

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