Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new week!!!

Hey Junkies,

So it's a new week so give  yourself a short term goal for the week... aim for at least 3 hours of cardio and drink that 8 glasses of water a day... and do the videos of course.. ;D 

We have some great videos planned for the week and I'm really excited about them.  So get motivated and excited about your goals, write them down put it on your fridge and stick to them.  Every Sunday we cut up a load of fresh veggies and bag them so they are ready to go for the week.  Something to take in the car with you or to snack on at work or after an Adrenaline workout.  Having them pre made keeps things easy to grab at and it's more likely that you will eat them and get those in your diet daily!!!  Try it out.. It's great for when your craving something crunchy!!!  Add a tiny splash of water to keep them hydrated!!!  Carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, peppers etc.  Also buying from your local market (organic even better) means there will be more nutrients, nothing worse then biting into a big huge steroid pumped tomato with no flavour. lol

We had to share a great post from one of our Adrenaline Junkies here in Windsor, I am so proud of her and she is having some amazing results from all her hard work and dedication!!!

"So I took a risk and put my skinnier jeans on yesterday b4 our bbq , they fit! I attempted another pair and another and came to realize all my jeans fit again! Whoop woop! Rog got a lil fashion show lmao =) Weight is starting to go down now and things are shifting, this is so exciting! Now if I challenge myself with the food part & even more cardio I cant imagine what will happen! Who would've known drinking water would've helped so much?, Thanks guys! ♥"

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