Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Spot Body Blast

Hey Junkies,

Hope your week is going great so far and your feeling confident and motivated for the week!! Today is a Body blast that will work your whole body and its a workout that you can do with little space.

If your involved in any kind of sport or activity that you would like to excel in then I suggest doing at least 3 of these videos a week. No matter what mood you are in there is a video here for you. All of them are core related and by working that core it will create greatness in all the limbs that are attached to it and you will feel strong and confident.

Try this one out today Junkies and tell me how it made you feel.

Workout Breakdown:
30 seconds on 10 seconds off

-Mogo Squats
-Quick sprints (front to back,2-3 steps w touch)
- 4 point jumps
-Plank walk ups with Power Squat (fast)
- Ladder

Have a great day,

Team AxFit

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