Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Begginer Ab , Core workout

Good day Adrenaline Junkies,

Today I have posted a beginner Ab/Core workout that is great for all you Junkies that are yet to do a video but have become a fan of watching them..lol. Try this one out,.. You have to start sometime and somewhere, and if these abs are still to hard.. just pick out the few that you can do and work with them.. You will be surprised how fast your abs will strengthen and you will be able to kill this video.

Now if you feel your back pulling into any core exercise you have to be careful.. because if your abs are not yet strong enough what they are doing is pulling your back muscles and using them to compensate. So if you are feeling this pain then your best bet is to not do any ab exercises that your feet are off the ground..until your abs grow stronger. Some drills with your feet in the air but up high should feel ok..but the ones that your feet are off the ground but close to it you will feel pain. Just start off slow..don't be a super hero and keep at it a few times a week!!!

Ok Junkies have a great day and if this video is to beginner for you then try out one of my older videos out for your workout today!! YEsterdays was a great workout and I suggest you try it out... :D

Team AxFit

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