Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Intense workout

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

This workout is awesome .. you all have to try this one out. Its a full body workouts and will burn lots of calories during it and hours after!! All you need is 6-8 feet of room with 2 pylons or any kind of marker and go hard for 1.5 mins then rest for 30 sec. This style of interval training is intense and you will want to quit many times during it..but just use all the people in this video to inspire you and reach the end of every set. You will have to pause this video after each set..to take your 30 sec. rest then continue into the next set.

Please let me know who you did by leaving a comment below or on my Youtube or website.

Workout breakdown: 1.5 mins. on/30sec. off
set 1: Sprints front and backwards
set2: Sprints with Pushups on one side
set 3: Backwards sprint with power squat then high knees back.
set 4: Side shuffles with burpie
set 5: Sprint forwards both ways!!!

Have a great tuesday everyone and I will see you all tomorrow.

Team AxFit.

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