Sunday, May 1, 2011

LFL Tryouts , Toronto

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

So I had a great weekend in Toronto, trying out for the LFL was a blast and I am so happy I went out for it!! There was 112 girls that tried out and everyone was so excited to be there and hoping to make the team. They would only chose 35 out of the 112 girls and they were cutting girls throughout the whole try out by tapping on the girls shoulders and saying "thanks for coming but you will not go on". I was feeling great about my tryouts..after having the best time in the 10 yard dash I thought for sure I was going to make the team. Then my offensive line back drill went great.. I was up against one tough chick who was all game face..and I held my own!! So I was feeling great.. I caught every ball... and being first for every drill was a bit scary but nice to get it out of the way and tried to set the bar There was a lot of amazing girls.. and me being one of the oldest was pretty cool.

I made it to the last cut, when they would call 35 girls to go on to the mini camp next week, standing there waiting for them to call was so would change a lot of girls futures. But they never called number 1 and I was definitely disappointed, I have always made every team I have tried out this was a new feeling for me. :)

It was a great day and things happen as they should but playing in the LFL is just not in my fitting it into my schedule would have been tough... I love training Adrenaline bootcamps and making my videos and blogs everyday.. this is my passion.

"Go Toronto Triumph"... I will be cheering you all on!!!

Team AxFit.

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