Sunday, May 15, 2011

My 5 day Reset Cleanse

Hey Adrenaline Junkies,

Ok so I am starting a Cleanse tomorrow as I mentioned in the video and I am nervous about it but also very excited to feel the effects from it. I have never done a cleanse before but have always wanted to try one and I figured blogging about it will help me stay on track because I wont want to let you guys down. I really hope it helps my headaches and my energy levels, there is days that I know I could have more energy and with the amount of healthy food I eat it still is not enough. I know not taking my vitamins daily doesn't help this so this whole thing is such a positive experience for me. My goal is to use this to not only reset my levels but get me in the habit of taking my vitamins every day . The HealthPak that I will continue after the cleanse will supply my body with all the vitamins and minerals my body needs for my active lifestyle.

To tell you the truth I am excited to see if it helps with my skin and hair too. I have tried a few different skin care lines and have finally settled with Clinique but still get a blemish every other week and it pisses me off. :D We all love having fresh, clean looking skin so I am crossing my fingers.

I know my life is a gift and I am thankful for it everyday, but I want to feel at my very best everyday too... like the best version of ME!!! So I am going to put myself out there and try this Usana Reset program and hope that this is the answers to my headaches and improves other aspects along the way.

Have a great week clean and be proud!!

I am off to have a killer dinner as my last big meal before this cleansing.
(salmon, spinach, tomato chetney, toasted wheat chips & hummus then frozen yogurt for dessert.)

Team AxFit.

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