Friday, June 10, 2011

Core Exercises Advanced Abs

Hey Junkies!!

It's Friday and I hope you all had an excellent week. Ok Today's workout I posted is an older video but a great video. Its all about the core and you don't need much room to do it!! Sorry to say that I have absolutely NO voice today. I guess all that yelling at bootcamp in this extreme heat has put a strain on my throat. So it definitely was challenging trying to teach my classes today... I am sure the Junkies that were there enjoyed a little peace for once..haha!

Ok so something I wanted to mention is that it is very important to set goals for yourselves. No matter if they are big or small... and if you are very fit or very over weight you have to start. Write them down and post it somewhere so you can see it and it will help motivate you. Even putting it on your fridge is a good spot that you will see it everyday!! So once you are done reading this post and trying my core workout ;) I want you to write down a goal and approximate time frame... hey...if you want to share it here too please leave it in the comment box might help you with some accountability.

I will share mine with you: "In 4 weeks I want to have more definition in my core"!!!

Lets kick it up a notch here !!!

Team AxFit

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