Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fit & Preggo 31 weeks

Hey Junkies,

Today is a video with jenny who is 31 weeks pregnant, we wanted to share with all your preggo's out there a workout JUST for you!!!

jenny has been active her whole pregnancy and she is feeling and looking amazing. She is toned everywhere and from behind..lol you would have no clue she was even pregnant. I cannot believe the drive in her and she is an inspiration to us all..especially the pregnant ones. Just because you get pregnant doesnt mean you have to stop exercises and eat for two!!! Stay at it..push yourself and you will look and feel healthy all the way through.

Using the step here has really helped Jenny so she can continue to do her pushups and plank work. Because of the size of her belly she can no longer do a regular pushup or plank. So this is a great way to stay at it and be safe.

Try some of these out and stay hydrated and eating healthy for you and your baby!!!

Team AxFit

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