Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock's....why not? , Extreme Cardio

Hey Junkies,

Ok so this is an example of thinking outside of the box... this was a killer drill and they loved it..well sort of. It burns your legs, your heart rate is going and the give in the stones makes it so hard to do the drills fast. These Junkies did an awesome job, proud of you guys.

So what we did here was 30 second intervals, doing 30 seconds in the rocks then 30 seconds out of the rocks. I had 4 sets of drills and we did each set 3 times through. Try it out at the park near you.. or even at the beach.

Set some new goals today.. write them down and put it somewhere your going to see it and lets work towards it, send me a message tell me what your goal is and I will help motivate you through it. Or if theres a type of workout you would like to see just let me know.. I can make it happen!!!

Have a great day Junkies,

Team AxFit

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